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Our 42 page ebook will help you get into your customers' heads and know exactly how to appeal to them

  • Did you know the average small business owner wastes 80% of their time focusing on their least profitable customers?
  • Would you like to identify the ideal customers you already have?
  • Create customer avatars that you can actually use to make better business decisions
  • If you're a business owner feeling confused or stressed by marketing, then this is the first step in getting clarity on what to say, how to say it and who you should be saying it to!

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"I did the workshop because I wanted to kickstart my business and was looking for inspiration for how to reach a wider customer base. Not only was I able to get a great understanding of my customer and where to find them, but I was able to come up with a brand new niche and have now set up a totally new shop alongside my original business"

Faye Walker
Owner, FW Artistry

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Profitable customers - Establish where your biggest opportunity is and focus on those ideal customers. They may already be hiding inside your business!

Improved Content - Improve your content marketing, social media and product development by knowing exactly what your customers want.

Paying Customers - When you know what drives your customers, you can tailor your marketing to make them want to buy from you. 


Who are we?

This free ebook was written by Thirty Three Percent. James & Garry are on a mission to help demystify marketing and make business owners more efficient. 

The pair have worked with brands like Amazon, Skype, JCB, Sainsburys, The North Face & Hasbro and are bringing big brand thinking to the small business world.


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